The IGP turns unstructured data from academic studies, program evaluations and expert opinion into quantifiable ‘genes’ – creating a complete picture of ‘what we know’ about social change.

Impact Genome Project

Originally hired for D3 development, with emphasis on upgrading their in app visualizations to interactive and highly stylized to suit their UI configuration. Then moved into a data visualization and overall UI advisory role.


Data Visualization & Interpretation

UI Advisory & Strategy

With sensors and data platform that sends alert notifications there is no more guess work involved. Now you can know exactly which animal is sick within hours rather than days. Get actionable data to make the right decisions.

Quantified AG

Provided exploratory data analysis on first round of bio data like temperature & movement to see if there were any outliers. Create data visualizations to present to potential investors based on normalized data showing real trends.

Exploratory Analysis in R

SQL Data Extraction

Presentation Quality Visualizations


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College Planning Partnerships

Assisted operations staff in creating automated reporting formats for testing results. Worked through data formatting issues, ease of use and reproduction value. Consult on data visualization aesthetics to help make student data consumption fluid.

Production Quality Visualizations

Data Health Issues

Reporting Automation

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